Welcome to Lincecum Lineage

Hello! My name is Stephanie Lincecum. If you know me at all, it’s likely because of tombstones. I’ve been writing about them at Southern Graves for years. Yet my personal genealogy has never found a focus, or a home. Oh, I’ve written about it in drips and drabs – starts and stutters – but never in a consistent, lasting way.

That changes today.

LincecumLineage.com is home to two things:

  1. My personal genealogy (including a companion blog)
  2. A Lincecum one-name study

While there’s not a lot here as of yet, genealogical information at the blog and project will definitely grow over time. Also, if you followed my personal genealogy blog on another platform, you may see some redundancy here as I move posts. But don’t worry, new stuff will be added.

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Latest from the Blog –

Andrew Lincecum, Free Born

Andrew Lincecum was born 1853-1860, likely in Louisiana.  This 3rd cousin of mine was a son of Rezin Bowie Lincecum and Annise (Annis, Annisa) Bowie. I have seen Andrew’s surname spelled many different ways:  Lincecum, Linceycum, Lynscum, Lincecom, and Linscomb.  And though I’ve seen him referred to as Andrew most often, Andy and André are also noted. My family and […]

What I Know About Walter Earl Lincecum (1898-1953)

Starting with nothing more than a 1922 newspaper article titled War Hero Begs Aid Of Sympathetic In Helping Him To Conquer Habit, it took me quite a while to figure out where Walter Earl Lincecum fit in the family tree. Let me know if you agree with the findings. Walter’s father was Joseph Shelby Lincecum […]

WWI, Mexico, & an FBI Case File Involving Dr. Addison Lincecum

In the years leading up to the United States’s entry into World War I, Dr. Addison Lysander Lincecum (1874-1965) was occupied as the Assistant Health Officer for the state of Texas. In 1917, if not earlier, Dr. Lincecum began receiving odd and unsolicited letters from a man named Oscar J. Mayer. Mr. Mayer purported himself […]